Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can choose innovative, personalized inpatient or outpatient rehab in a real home at The Green House® Village of Goshen. Each of our homes offers a haven of peaceful, contemporary living. With all private rooms, en suite bathrooms, an inviting open floor plan and fresh modern décor, your real home setting will provide beautiful spaces in which you can rehab, heal, and relax.

Collaborate with our health professionals right in your Green House® home to achieve the health results you want. After your therapy ends, you can continue to practice what you have learned in our beautiful home environment, building your confidence as you practice doing the everyday activities you’ll do once you return home.  

Eat well around the dining room table with fresh gourmet food prepared right there amidst the inviting socializing of an open kitchen.  We’ll prepare it fresh for you as you relax around the fireplace or enjoy some tea on the patio. The Green House® model has been shown to significantly increase the quality of life for all, empowering our rehab guests and our long-term elders to live life to the fullest in every present moment, as a part of our larger Blue Diamond community.

Our skilled, on-site professionals specialize in physical, occupational, and speech therapies and are trained in cardiac rehab, neurologic diseases, orthopedic conditions, impaired vision, balance and falling challenges, and more. Should you need round-the-clock nursing care, it is comforting to know that The Green House® Village of Goshen has real homes for those who require skilled care 24 hours a day. We work in collaboration with your family and our skilled medical staff to provide personal care in a warm, real home environment, so you can focus on your healing. 


If you or a loved one are scheduling surgery, there is a new option for care in your community -- just tell the hospital and your family,
“I’m going home to The Green House® Village of Goshen!”